Shameless self-promotion (my bad, yo)

This post has no actual witty content. It's me advertising myself. Sorry. Get over it.

But, for real. You guys know how I like to get on stage at First Person Arts Story Slams and tell embarrassing stories about myself/people who have broken up with me, right? Well, one of those times won me prize:

In addition to said prize, that story also won me a spot in the First Person Arts Summer Grand Slam and BBQ, next Saturday July 24th. I'll be competing against 9 other people for the title of "BEST STORYTELLER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE EVER TIMES INFINITY". I may be exaggerating.

In any case, you should come. Delicious food and drinks, 10 awesome/awkward stories, plus music by the band Peculiar Gentleman.

You can get more info here or you can enter for a chance to win a free ticket here by putting a story about me (any story at all) in the comments section!

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