"Live at Kelly Writer's House" recording

Kelly Writer's House posted the audio clips from the First Person Arts-themed reading on WXPN.  Clicking this link leads to the recording of my story Where Was I

Definitely check out the main page for the other great stories, including Tre Rials' guide to planning the perfect "evacu-cation" and Mike McCrary explanation of why he will never get fired.

A great night of stories!  Speaking of... I'm the guest storyteller at this Tuesday's StorySlam at L'Etage.  This is the last slam before the Fall Grand Slam at the Painted Bride Center and the theme is Faking It so there's sure to be a lot of desperate, enormously awkward over-sharing all night long!

And, finally, something completely inappropriate:

Prior to the radio show, I received an e-mail from the producer detailing the schedule, performance order and other details. At the end of this short, professional e-mail, she included what I can only assume is an obligatory warning concerning decency. It reads as the most foul, uncomfortably hilarious tirade of censored offensiveness.  It also sort of reads like one of those non sequitur-laden spam e-mails one gets from a Nigerian prince.  

I understand the necessity but I still find it so odd to think that a committee of people sat around saying and writing down words they found to be objectionable for public airwaves.  I would never say most of these words on the radio anyway... Well, without a good reason.  And sometimes just being on a radio is a good enough reason to say anything.  

So, without further ado... [I'm warning you, though, if you're not a fan of blue language I would not click through.  Taken all at once this will blow your wig back.  That's what she said.]

"And finally, in a tribute to language & what is always my favorite part of this e-mail, here is the FCC's Obscenity and Indecency Policy (http://www.fcc.gov/eb/oip/Welcome.html), along with the words you can't say on the air -- so please don't!

'Assh*le,  F*ck, F*cker, F*cking, Sh*t, C*nt, Clit, N*gger or other racial slurs, Bitch is inappropriate if it refers to a woman, Balls, Blow, Suck, Dick, Pussy, Swallow if referring to genitals. The definition, language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory activities or organs, vulgar and lewd references to the male genitals and to masturbation and sodomy broadcast in the context of 'explicit references' to masturbation, ejaculation, breast size, penis size, sexual intercourse, nudity, urination, oral-genital contact, erections, sodomy, bestiality,menstruation and testicles, sexual activity with a child.'"

Have a great day!

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