Who Rules? Food Rulez!

These are not the carbs you're looking for...
So, y'all know how I love to eat, right?  I mean I have a lot of emotions and they need to go somewhere.  I figure, what better place than my stomach, right?  Plus, I'm over 30, which is gay years is extinct.  I'm sorry, ex-twink'd, which means I no longer give any fucks whatsoever about being a size 27 waist.  I still gym it up (vanity doesn't disappear with maturity, it just becomes slightly more reasonable) but I certainly don't shy away from a complex carbohydrate when it's offered to me.

Well, child, I plan on being very not shy today.  I'm in New York with my boyfriend, Jay, and we are going to paint the town red velvet!  Our itinerary is as follows: Billy Bakery (my fave!), Magnolia Bakery, Crumbs Bake Shop, then maybe the Statue of Liberty.  Or whatever.

Last night I did a comedy show at Stonewall with the incredible Kelli Dunham.  It went really well; she has the best fans in the world and a few of my New York friends came out, too.  I did a bit where I talked about vacations I'd been on with my parents, highlighting the unmitigated wonder that is a continental breakfast.  If you don't know how great continental breakfast is, you are clearly not appreciating one of life's greatest gifts!  Here, look at this video and educate yourself:

Anyways, I was on pins and needles waiting to see what kind of free continental breakfast our lovely hotel in the Financial District was cooking up this morning!  The picture you see above isn't it, though!  (Tricky!)  That's from the astounding Brown Bag Cafe in Kirkland, WA.  If you are EVER anywhere in the Pacific Time Zone, you must go to the Brown Bag Cafe.  They were started for the lumberjack population of the area surrounding Seattle.  The meals are so huge that the lumberjacks would eat half and then brown bag the other half for the rest of the day.  Needless to say, to-go containers were de rigeur at Brown Bag, but the food was so good I usually just ate the rest as soon as I got back to my hotel room.

The breakfast that Jay and I had this morning, however, won't be found here.  You'll have to go check out my friend, the Nosh Guy's incredible (and incredibly yummy) blog Food Rulez.  Nosh Guy saw my pic of breakfast on Facebook and picked it up for the blog moment later.  This is hot off the griddle news, folks!